Yes Folks We Are Back

Folks, it’s been a little over three months since our last post on the site, and the real question is, did you miss us?

Well, we sure has missed you all.

We have been spending much of our time really pushing our Twitch Channel to gain Affiliate status, which thanks to many of you amazing folks helped us get there. Then, we started driving hard on our YouTube channel, which again thanks to all of your support, we were able to hit our 1000th subscriber! Our InstaGram Channel as well as our Facebook channel have been the work horses.

So what to expect going forward?

Now, we will focus on the website with content which will consist of gaming news, reviews and some of the videos we create on our YouTube channel including game trailers. Oh, as well as giveaways. You can expect three to four posts weekly and if you follow all our social medias, you’ll notice the content flowing across all.

Folks, again, it’s super great to be back and can’t wait to share some content with you all.

Catch you all later!

Chris aka “Sil3ntX”