Xbox One For $250

Did you know that you could possibly get an Xbox One for $250?

If you have been holding off to get an Xbox One you might want to take advantage of this time. Recently, Microsoft announced a $50 price drop on all their stand-alone Xbox One units which brought the Xbox One price from $399 to $349. This includes many of their special edition consoles like the white Sunset Overdrive and the Call of Duty Special Edition console. This temporary price drop will be running through January 3rd, 2015.

Well, how would you like another $100 off of that?

Microsoft is looking to give you a $100 towards a new Xbox One console when you trade in a working Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Does this sound appealing? Is there any reason for you not to take advantage of this deal?

Well you can go check out all the details with this deal right here and see if you would be able to take advantage of it.