WULVERBLADE Launches on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One

Sharp blades, bloodthirsty hordes and deadly arenas! This is the co-op brawler WULVERBLADE!

Wulverblade is the two player co-op, side scroller brawler from independent developer Fully Illustrated and published by Darkwind Media. You play as one or three family members on the northern tribe on the Caledonii. You must defeat the Roman Empire as it attempts to take control of the north of Britannia.

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*   Bathe in the enemy’s blood in glorious 60 frames per second.
*   Add your name to the online leaderboards and earn some bragging rights!
*   Immerse yourself in breathtaking 2D cinematic artwork.
*   Explore 8 incredibly detailed levels set around northern Britannia.
*   Battle the enemy using a refined combat system.
*   Experience a rich historical and cultural storyline told through stunning animated shorts.
*   Take in a powerful soundtrack from sound designers who worked on The Dark Knight Rises and Wrath of the Titans.
*   Enjoy a variety of thoroughly engaging unlockable features.

Wulverblade is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 and on PC/Steam on Tuesday, January 30th. While the Xbox One version will launch on Wednesday, January 31st. The game will retail for $14.99. Note that Wulverblade is also available for the Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

Head over to any one of the locations below for purchase:

Enjoy the trailer!

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