Without Escape Review

When your house is no longer your home. This is our review of Without Escape.

Without Escape is a quick point and click horror game developed by Bumpy Trail Games. Miguel, aka “PacoChan”, is the developer of Without Escape and who is passionate about making games and telling stories.

Without Escape is a great puzzle solving adventure with a horror twist to it that honestly gave me the creeps at many points. The fact that I even played this game is a miracle because honestly I am a big wuss when it comes to all things scary. I still cover my eyes during the suspenseful parts of movies. But somehow Without escape caught my eye and somehow not only did I mustard up the courage to give it a try, I also played the game with my headset on and in the dark. Yes I did look behind me several times during my experience to make sure I was still alone.

But enough about me, let’s get the game.

You begin the game coming home to an empty house which wasn’t too surprising. You head to bed and are awaken in the middle of the time and it is clear something is wrong but you aren’t sure what. You spend the first portion of the game exploring your home, attempting to access areas still locked and finding small puzzles along the way. Eventually, you discover access to an alternate dimension that is, to say the least, very disturbing and gory. Your objective is to basically make your way out of your home with the hopes of being reunited with your family.

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The game in total really only took me about 2.5 hours to complete my first time around. And I found the puzzles to be fun and not tremendously challenging at all. Must puzzles of this game involved some aspect of math or science. Counting measurements of time, adjusting temperatures to fit the objectives needs, mixing chemicals, etc. You are also called to use information collected in one part of the house to use elsewhere.

Almost all puzzles where solvable quickly after just a few moments. The hardest part was trying to find the little triggers around the map that would open up the next part of the game. A few took me embarrassing longer than it should have.

The game is visually very impressive. I enjoyed each room and the details the developer included … despite the goriness to it. But what really created the chilling atmosphere for me was the sound effects and track. There were random points where the music would just get super chilling, or you would hear footsteps in another part of the house leaving you wanting and expecting something to pop up at any moment. Audio was just plainly excellent.

For a game this short it is not surprise that the story line isn’t extremely extensive but for the experience you get, you really don’t need much more. You learn a bit here and there about your parents which helps you to develop a connect between he and his family. And for the most part the story line is pretty linear and you are led to follow the story as it plays out. It really isn’t until the very end when you are faced with a decision that produces an alternate ending depending on your selection.

Either ending for me produced the same ‘WTF’ feeling but all in all the end does make sense for the story that has been built.

I appreciate the creativity and unique way the develop expresses himself in the game and I look forward to future games from Bumpy Trail Games.


Without Escape is out on itch.ioWindows Store, and Steam. Without Escape is priced at $6.99.

***Disclaimer: Confident Gamers was provided a press Revirew key of Without Escape in order to provide a review. Our impressions & reviews are all fair and unbiased and don’t change if we were provided a press copy/access for free or not.***











  • Sound Work
  • Visuals
  • Replayability


  • Short Play-Through
  • Very Linear Story