What’s New in PC Gaming? [Guest Post]

Want to know what’s new and trending in the PC gaming sector? The years may have introduced new and trendy consoles, but the PC is still one of the best platforms to play games on, especially multiplayer online games.

Here is a list of new things happening on the PC gaming front:

MMORPG Titles Drive PC Gaming

The hottest single-player gaming titles get quickly snagged by gaming consoles. While PC gamers have yet to see a hot new title, it’s really not what’s driving the popularity of this particular subset of gaming. Since 2017, the biggest PC gaming titles have been online multiplayer games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege.

Last year alone, Blizzard’s Overwatch reached 35 million active players. Instead of being entrapped in the single title annual release title, investors are pouring money into these online communities that are guaranteed to last a long time. When players team up to conquer these online gamers, a whole sector of supportive structures take off, such as merch, vlogging, Steaming, and so on. In the future, it can be expected that online event-based games will dominate the PC market rather than single, blockbuster titles.


E-Sports are Coming to PC Gaming

Perhaps thanks to the rise in popularity of online games like Overwatch, e-sports are now a big thing. There are championships held each year with multimillion-dollar prizes. The e-sports sector is still growing and it’s dominated almost entirely by PC games. Hardcore gamers can build their own gaming rigs to become e-sports stars with considerable financial might. Even conventional investors are pouring money into the e-sports sector expecting it to grow. Who knows, in a couple of years we might even watch gaming Super Bowl on TV.


GPUs will Get Pricier

Perhaps one of the PC gaming trends no one is fondly looking forward to in the future is the rising price of GPUs. The reason for this may shock some. It’s not better graphics or VR that’s causing GPU prices to skyrocket, but Bitcoins. The power of GPUs is highly prized for mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. It takes considerable amounts of processing power to run the algorithms solving complex math problems that result in cryptocurrency coin. Only gaming computers have the readily available power that miners crave. The result of the cryptocurrency mania is shockingly obvious in the GPU price fluctuations. About two years ago, a mid-range Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 cost about $380. Now the same GPU is pushing over $700!


Loot Crates are Here to Stay

Let the annoyed groaning commence. The much-reviled loot crates are not going anywhere. PC gamers might think that that Star Wars Battlefront II would be the last title where anyone had to deal with loot crates. Unfortunately, no. The microtransactions, even when disastrous, are so lucrative for game developers that loot crates are staying for certain. However, game developers are bringing changes to how loot crates are implemented, so as to avoid another Battlefront-style calamity. In addition to loot crates persisting in AAA-priced games, they will be coming to AAA mobile games like Anthem as well.

PC games are not improving technology-wise, but how games are played, distributed, and overall consumed is rapidly changing. One thing’s for sure though: PC gaming will remain highly relevant in the years to come.


Author Bio:
TRACY PLUNKETT is a writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Tracy has a penchant for photography, tech, and fitness. She’s not too bad with DIY either.