Valfaris Free Demo Available NOW – GET IT!

You have a limited time to check out the 2D heavy metal action platformer Valfaris free demo. Take it from us, you want to do it!

Valfaris, from independent developer Steel Mantis and independent publisher Digital Uppercut, is a 2D action platformer cut from the spirit of classic Contra. You play as Lord Therion visiting his ancestral home to eradicate the plague of monsters that have twisted Valfaris from a divine kingdom into an unholy cesspool.

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Valfaris has all the ingredients you want in a side scrolling action game, weapons, monsters, aliens, mini-bosses, power-ups!

The free demo is available now on Steam, but on midnight Pacific Time, New Year’s Eve, Decemeber 31st, the free demo will be no more.  Click here to head over Valfaris’ Steam and demo page.

The full game of Valfaris will be released in 2019 and it will be coming for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Steam (PC).