Until Dawn First Impressions

From the first time we saw the trailer for the Playstation exclusive Until Dawn, we were very interested. Now we have played for a couple hours and would like to give our Until Dawn First Impressions.

To be clear, this is in no way a review, but instead just what we thought about the first few hours of game play which we experienced. Also, we will try our best not to spoil anything, just in case you have not yet played.

So first of the bat, if you liked or loved Heavy Rain, you’ll love Until Dawn. Easily! The game does a great way of framing the story right from the begin. In fact, we loved the way it all starts giving the perfect set up for a Cabin in the Woods adventure. So far, the characters all seem cheesily believable to the point where, at this point, we have started already compartmentalizing them by choosing already who we liked or didn’t like or who we were willing to let die or live to our best abilities. Is this sad?


The capture of the characters are pretty spot on and the voice acting does a great job to adding to the believability of the characters. We love the way Until Dawn switches to various groups of characters or one character at various points in the game. The movement of the characters, while a little stiff and robotic, does kind f remind us of how you moved in the Resident Evil games and while we wished it could have been smoother and more fluid, it’s not enough to take away from the game. Well, we haven’t reached a point yet where it have taken away from our game play.

While we love all the characters and their own personalities, oh my goodness the therapist is just so creepy! Like too creepy! We would have had to have changed doctors if that was our therapist! Man!


So far the quick time events have not be too over used and forced in. The parts where we had to make choices have really forced us to stop and think as we try to figure out the possible out comes. Even worst is when we get a glimpse thanks to a found totem. Side note, exploring the environment is very important! Be sure to look everywhere so you can find clues or more totems.  There have been jump scares which some were like oh okay, ha ha. While others really caught us off guard.

Our first impressions of Until Dawn has been quite favorable and we are looking forward to jumping back in and putting more time into this one. We definitely see multiple play thru’s and might even invite a couple friends over and let them play and see their choices. Something that Until Dawn has going for it is the fact that the choices you make, really do matter.