Two New Games For BadLand Indie

Expanding with two new games for publishing company BadLand Indie, Zenith by Infinigon Games and Song of Horror by Protocol Games.

Badland Indie will be launching both games, Zenith and Song of Horror, digitally on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

First up is Zenith. Zenith combines the feel of the RPG of old with a “dose of humor and parody”. It brings to life a fantasy world with unorthodox characters. You play as Argus, who used to be a wizard, now in his thirties and who has pretty much done it all. What is “all”, well you know exploring, adventuring, oh and accidentally unleashing the apocalypse, and saving the world. Nothing too crazy. Now trying to settle down and take things easy, key word, trying, but can’t thanks to thanks to those “spike-haired” buffoons with their giant swords dragging them around making a mess of the pavement. Doesn’t help when you are keeping a dangerous artifact hidden from meddling heroes with a chosen one complex.


Zenith1 Zenith2 Zenith3


Then there is Song of Horror.Song of Horror is an old-School third person survival horror. You will control up to 16 characters from throughout time into a story they do not comprehend.

SongofHorror1 SongofHorror2 SongofHorror3

You can check out more about Zenith right here or Song of Horror right here.

Source: Press release
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