Two Games Need your Greenlight Votes

Black Shell Media shared recently two games that are looking for some Steam Greenlight Love.

Today we bring you two indie games that are currently in Steam Greenlight and would love your support. A new horror mystery game and a plant simulator. Check out the details below to see if you are interested in giving these games some green love.

Black Shell Media JTD

J.TD is an imaginative horror mystery game. The story revolves around a child who has disappeared in a mysterious and haunted forest. Take on the roll as a detective investigating the supernatural. Your case? Find the child. His whereabouts are unknown, but screams can be heard in the distance… You aren’t very well equipped for the task, but this is your only chance at redemption. Watch your back. You never know what may be hiding on the other side of the forest…

Game Features:

  • Get lost in the effervescent story
  • Investigate supernatural environments
  • Experience immersive sound design
  • Explore a multitude of endings


Plantera is an incredibly cute and fun casual simulation game where you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes, trees, and animals! As you play you will attract funny round and blue helpers. You can pluck trees and pick up plants yourself, or let your helpers do the work for you while you watch, build, and invest in new plants. These little helpers will even continue to work while you are not playing the game, and some new gold should always be waiting for you on your return! Make sure to keep your eyes open though as sometimes some mean critters will invade your garden. Your perfect garden awaits!

Game Features:

  • Go up in level to unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals and continue to expand and improve your garden!
  • Mix of active or idle play, depending on your preference
  • Possibly infinite gameplay
  • Ridiculously cute graphics
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards to come

If you like what you read regarding either game then now is your chance to participate and help them out. Head over to Steam now, enter the Green Light section, search for these games and cast your votes. You can learn more about the game developers and each games perks right on steam.