Tsioque on Kickstarter

I am a huge sucker for point-and-click adventures and I really feel Tsioque will be right up my alley.

Independent developer OhNoo Studio recently revealed a new trailer for their upcoming animated point-and-click game, Tsioque. This adventure game puts the player inside a mysterious spellbound castle, full of traps, monsters, and evil minions summoned with dark magic by the Evil Wizard, the one behind all this mess and our main antagonist.

Tsioque is a dark 2D adventure game inspired by classic 80s and 90s point-and-click titles. In the game you take the role of a young girl Tsioque, who was imprisoned in a castle that is overtaken by the Evil Wizard. When darkness falls on your home, places that were formerly familiar will suddenly turn unfriendly and extremely dangerous. Your castle walls will now become a deadly trap in which you must escape and put an end to the Evil Wizard’s plans before the spell that he has cast on the castle escalates, which will then trigger a chain of events that re beyond anyone’s control.

I am already intrigued and hope you are too. If you are interested the game is currently on kickstarter seeking additional funds to ensure the game is created to perfection. You can check out their status and back this game here.

Some of the games key features include:

  • Classic point and click gameplay with action elements
  • An immersive experience between animated cartoon and adventure game
  • Extremely detailed, hand-drawn and hand-animated world
  • A unique mix of darkness and humor in a classic cartoon style
  • A clever, multi-layered storyline with plenty of twists
  • Exceptional soundtrack, dynamically illustrating the gameplay and adjusted to your every action.
  • Fully voiced dialogue tracks

There is a playable demo available, which can be downloaded for free from the game’s official website or directly from Steam.

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