Time to Party Hard and Start Killing … wait what?

Publishers tinyBuild Games recently announced their latest game, Party Hard is out now and available on Steam.

Party Hard is a totally serious and not at all extremely silly game about a guy who flips out when his neighbors keep having parties at 3am. He grabs a knife, and heads over there to, you know, get involved.

Not sure if you all have dreams of being the stabby killer instead of the rescuer but here you go. This tactical murder game is now available on Steam for your shanking pleasure. So get ready to be the death of the party by stabbing everyone there. You will get to use traps in the environment around you to lure the party guest to their collective doom.

The game spans across nearly a dozen locations in the U.S., following the killer’s rampage from the perspective of the detective who was on his case. All you need to do is make sure no-one is left breathing at each house, beach, boat and rooftop party.

Along the way you’ll be able to use ridiculous traps to lure people, run them over, poison them, feed them to bears, pandas and sharks, and then stick their bodies in dumpsters and down manholes. Still totally serious of course.

Party Hard comes with a bunch of pretty sweet additional features, including a banging soundtrack, a dance button, and Twitch integration that allows your livestream viewers to mess around with your game while you play.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why the game is $12.89, that’s the number of people who have been stabbed to death by serial killers since records began, according to research by Radford University. It’s also an apocalyptic number, and an evil number.

Party Hard Launch Trailer on Youtube