The Untold Legacy is Coming

We have been keeping a close eye on The Untold Legacy, a currently in development action adventure game that is packed with a great story.

The Untold Legacy is a story-rich action adventure game, set in the diverse world of Loomia. Game play is action-based hack and slash, with a variety of truly unique items, that breath fresh life into the genre. Unlike most games of similar style, The Untold Legacy has a massive emphasis on story, and it’s one that’s sure to inspire those who experience it. The world of Loomia has both a troubled past, as well as twisted, yet uncertain future, and only you can decide the fate of it’s inhabitants.

Here is a bit of the Storyline:

In a distant kingdom long ago laid a secluded, peaceful mountain village, untouched by the ever changing world around it. The villagers, however, know only one thing: Leaving is not an option; for any who do, will find themselves in the grasp of a mysterious dark curse.

That is until the village’s only child, a young boy, begins to uncover strange messages from an unknown source. These messages are seemingly warning him of a darkness, guiding him towards something, something mysterious, something that will forever alter his legacy and those around him. Will he take up the blade and embark on a treacherous adventure to become the hero this forsaken kingdom needs? Or stand back as he watches the mistakes of the past be repeated once more?

As you check out some of the screenshots below you can instantly see some the inspiration behind The Untold Legacy. The developers have shared that the game draws inspiration from many popular titles that we may all be familiar with. Going back to the classics games of the 1980’s, up until the console behemoths and indie titles of the present. Certainly The Legend of Zelda has been one of the main contributors of inspiration for the team.

As massive Zelda enthusiasts ourselves, it has been a major influence for this game and will no doubt be a treat for long time fans of the series and newcomers alike. – Iconic Games

We truly look forward to what Iconic Games will bring us in the near future with the Untold Legacy.

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