The StarSaver Game Review

During our recent experience at the very first Video Gamer’s United Convention in Washington DC we met a very hard working couple who were show casing their game Star Saver. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy to play and review for you.

Our story begins with the Prince of the Galaxy, Squishy attempting to make a wish on a bright shiny star. However each time he tries the star inevitably explodes and disappears, it is clear to him and the Kings assistant who is with you that something is wrong and you must get home to tell your father. During your adventures you link up, literalily you are chained to Squidly, a space squid and are forced to travel the space hauling around Squishy. You embed on a magical journey in search of the stars that are mysteriously disappearing from the sky. Luckily, Squishy can eat his way through almost anything!

Playing the game on an iPad Mini was very enjoyable as the controls were easy to learn and manage. In fact my 4 year old was able to pick it up and with just a few tips he was able to navigate his way around the various maps. Because he doesn’t quite read it he wasn’t able to follow the storyline or know what he was suppose to do next but he enjoyed running around and eating stuff and going into different doors and buildings. He did say he wished that the text was spoken, but I assured him once he learns to read he will enjoy it more.

What is really enjoyable about the game is that you are not stuck on a path and have free roam to move across the board from area to area and explore. While there is a directive to follow you are forced to do only that. And as you progress through the game learning more skills and gaining the ability for Squishy to eat more and more things you are able to gain access to more locations.

The graphics, colors and music all make it a great experience. The bright colors help appeal to the kid but don’t deter the grown gamers away at the same time.

Over the great story line, game play, controls and everything keep you interested and wanting to reunite the world with the lost stars.

Based on our resident rating system we give Star Saver a Grab It!

Especially if you have children that could enjoy the experience also. It allows you to have 3 profiles going at the same time so you can have multiple people with their own special journey.

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