The Power of RPG Maker MV

Many people have big dreams of what they can build and make on their own and be known for it. The trick behind making a dream a reality is having the right tools, resources and support backing you up. For game development RPG Maker MV may be just that tool to kick start your dream.

We at Confident Gamers have absolutely no experience at developing, designing, coding or publishing video games. So when we landed our hands on RPG Maker MV we were not sure what to expect and what if anything we could produce. We were shocked and amazed at just how quickly we were able to pick up the software, figure out the basics and make things happen.  In fact here is what we were able to accomplish is just the first few hours of starting the program for the first time.

Now I understand there isn’t much into what we created but for not having any experience with game development or this program it just shows you how easy it can be to learn and how powerful a tool it can be in the right hands, and we haven’t even tapped into a quarter of what this version of RPG Maker can accomplish.

Here is some details regarding areas within the program that may interest those interested in developing their very own RPG game and considering purchasing this program. RPG Maker MV is the successor to RPG Maker VX Ace which is currently one of the highest selling software titles on Steam. It version of the game maker provides developers with many new enhancements and features including:

Mac Support: You can now create RPGs on the Macintosh. And because of this feature, we decided to have a go on the Mac version of the program. So far everything we have created was created on a Mac. We plan on continuing our development of the game we started so hopefully we will have more for you to see soon.

Multiple Device Deployment: Developing a game is just have the battle. You have to make it accessible to gamers and on platforms that mean the most to them. So with this version of the system you can now release your RPG Maker Games on the several different platforms including: Windows, MacOSX, Android, iOS and HTML5 for web browsers.

Battle Modes: This is the feature that I want to explore the most. In the game we started you can see there are no enemies in site, actually nothing living except for us walking around. Soon when you come across other creatures we will enact the Battle Mode feature. And with this version of the game maker you can now choose to use either the classic Front View, or the heavily requested and more modern Side View battle system.

Mouse & Touch Input support: Tired of playing your game with a keyboard? You can now play your RPG via touchscreen or mouse.

LARGER Database: Compared to earlier versions of the game maker there is now wupport for twice as many items as VX Ace for a grand total of 2,000

Enhanced Map Features: We tried to dabble a little bit in this feature but there are now three layers for drawing complex maps, with an intuitive interface that automatically selects the correct layer for you.

There is also now Higher Screen Resolution: With all assets being made 1.5 times larger, the default resolution is increased to 816×624, allowing for more detailed games. And a it also offers complete English support, community and forums!

Overall if you are in the market for purchasing an RPG Maker program to make your game making dreams come true then we highly recommend RPG Maker MV. It comes packed with the tools resources and ability to accomplish practically everything you need to create your entire game.