The Order 1886 (Review)

I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, technically it was just 7 days ago. I was feverishly scouring the Internet at 3:00am last Thursday February 19th. What was I looking for you ask? Well, I knew that was the day when the review embargo for The Order 1886 would be lifted, so I was eagerly anticipating the review scores. More so, I was very interested in seeing if the news that you could beat The Order 1886 in just 5 hours would somehow affect the score. In short (pun intended)….it definitely did.

No need to sugar coat, the review scores were terrible in comparison to the hype of the game. Initially the highest score that I found was a 6.5/10, while the lowest was a 5/10. As a whole, most gaming affiliates gave a score equivalent to a 50% or 60%. In other words, this much anticipated Playstation exclusive is nothing than an average to slightly above average game.

So what do we at Confident Gamers have to say about it?

Well, we give The Order 1886 two thumbs up…and also two thumbs down! Ok, so yes, that means I’m in need of an extra pair of hands here. Get over it.

Thumb UP (left hand)

Ladies and gentlemen, before I make this claim, I had to scroll through my personal mental rolodex of countless games to make sure I was accurate, and it’s not even close. The Order 1886 is by far the greatest graphical marvel I’ve ever played. From the remarkable character designs to the ridiculously immersive backgrounds…both during cutscenes and during actual gameplay…the graphics were absolutely stunning! Nothing short of amazing! I know the PC fanboys are probably saying “Oh, you were impressed with that? That’s child’s play.” Forgive me, but I would gladly tell those fanboys to kindly have a seat next to that glass of haterade they’ve been drinking. I promise you, once you see this game up close and personal, you will agree. This game earns a perfect 10/10 in graphics!



Thumb UP (right hand)

I was EXTREMELY impressed with the weapon design of this game. I earned a PS trophy for defeating an enemy with every weapon in the game, and that was probably my favorite earned trophy of the Order 1886 because of all the fun I had using these innovative array of weapons and gadgets. You have to play this game for yourself to experience them all, but I will highlight just a couple of my personal favorites.


The Combo Gun. Look at this gun! This gun looks badass! And I’m here to tell you, it performed that way as well. It’s an auto-rifle combined with a shotgun like attachment. The thing is, the attachment didn’t shoot shells, instead it delivered a powerful concussive air blast that stunned your enemies, giving you time to fill them up with lead and seize the momentum. This gun got me out of a lot of trouble during the game. A lot!



The Arc Gun. Well this was the era of Edison v. Tesla so we should have known electricity would be involved somehow. The folks over at Ready at Dawn designed a wonderful weapon here. I absolutely loved this one. You could charge up electricity within this weapon and release it at your convenience. What you released was a strike of lightning that would “arc” toward your enemy. That arc could either take off a limb, explode a head, or complete disintegrate the opposition. FUN!!!


The Thermite Gun. Oh what a joy to run around with this in my hands. Oh man! My mere words cannot do this weapon justice. With this gun, you would fire pellets of a gas like substance at your enemy, and the gas would remain in the area until you fired a flare from the same weapon into the cloud of gas to ignite everything in that area. When you first acquire this weapon, that’s how the process was explained. But you know we like to sometimes go against the grain here at CG. I improvised and went the other direction. I found myself firing the flare toward my enemies first…and then firing the gas pellets right as the flare reached them. LOVED IT!

Let me say again, so many more weapons and gadgets in this game that you will enjoy. You have to see for yourself.

Thumb DOWN (left hand)

It’s all fun and games…until you’ve played this game before. And sadly, I came to the realization that I had already played The Order 1886 several times over by virtue of other games. The quick time events were reminiscent of God of War. The cover system reminded me of Gears of War. Meanwhile, the reticle design and character movement seemed like a combination of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. Not to mention the stealth maneuvering which felt like a splice between Splinter Cell and The Last of Us. Basically, aside from the wonderful weapons and gadgets and a couple of cool Lycan fights, the core gameplay of The Order 1886 didn’t offer us any new experiences.

Thumb Down (right hand)

And this was the killer. The Order 1886 was over before it began. I completed the game in just about 8 hours, and that was with me trying to find all the newspaper clippings, portraits, and audio files. (That’s the Zelda and Resident Evil training kicking in). If running in the opposite direction of the objective to check every nook and cranny wasn’t my style of play, I absolutely would have finished the game in about 6 hours. This rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, including myself. This game offers no replay value whatsoever. No multiplayer, not even a “new game+” mode like some of the more recent 3rd person shooters to come out for the Playstation. Once this short journey is done, it’s done. I opened the package from Gamefly on Monday night, and by Wednesday morning it was already on its way back to Gamefly. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not only bad, but it’s also unacceptable.


The Verdict

Try to follow me here. I’m going to give my verdict in the form of a simple sentence and then try to produce a score that best represents that statement. My verdict: I think everyone should play this game, but no one should own it. Based on that statement, and considering the fact that I gave it two thumbs up and two thumbs down, the logical score here is 5/10. However, when I look at this game in totality, I’m willing to give a slight upward tilt based on how great the game looked and the innovative weapons and gadgets that it featured.

Those elements vault this average game up to a slightly above average game in which you should “Rent It.” (4.75/10)