The Last of Us Review

Let me first start off by saying, Naughty Dog’s the Last of Us, is not just a game, it’s an adventure that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. The Last of Us is not without it’s flaws, but is very near a perfect as games can get. If you want, you can even check out our first impressions of an early access we had.

You play as Joel, one of the “fortunate” survivors of the human race after an infection ravages everywhere. This infection is transmitted via spores and spread also by bite. These are not zombies, but are just called the infected. The government crack down by adding check points and random searches to try and track down and weed out those people how are infected. You team up with others to smuggle various items in return for weapons and ration cards. You are commission by a radical anti-government group to escort a special package to a main headquarter for the group. The special package, a young girl named Ellie. Your journey proves to be a perilous one as you fight to protect yourself and Ellie from the infected, the government, and hunter groups. But why is this girl so special?

I said earlier, that the Last of Us is a very near perfect game and I stand by that statement. Everything you want in a game is in the Last of Us! The storyline is so gripping and so well written that when you think you are at the end, you get a reality check. This game could easily be seen as a television drama mini-series. The characters are so deep and interesting that you genuinely care about everyone you come across. The game forces you to play the game as if it was you in a real life scenario. The A.I. reacts to how you play. If you go in running and gunning, the A.I. will plan and flank or just over run you.

The main gem of the game is the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Joel who is a survivor and who does what it takes to survive, which usually means having to kill or be killed, knows what it used to be like before the outbreak. While Ellie on the other hand was born during the infection times. She doesn’t really need a babysitter because believe me she can take care of her one, but still some of the best interactions are the sometimes random banter and conversations between Joel and Ellie as she comes across something from before the outbreak. A great example of this comes on your journey and Ellie reads a diary of a girl around her age and she comments on how the girls her age back then was so worried about what outfit they were going to wear.

If the Last of Us story grabs you, the look and scenery will blow you away. The Last of Us takes place in 2033 and to venture out in the cities where it is quite clear that no one has been there for a long time can at times be overwhelming. The first time you step out in the city, you will literally just stop and look around and probably will say to yourself, wow. Cities are broken down, overrun by nature, cars left deserted on the highways, and underground tunnels now underground waterways. As you venture and explore the environments, you might come across letters, notes, and voice recorders which offer a peek into the last moments of peoples lives.

The Last of Us plays and functions in real time. It rewards exploration by giving those explorer well needed additional upgrades to your crafting skills and supplies. As you explore, you will find skill upgrade points, or material to upgrade your weapons, or manuals that will increase weapon damage. You will also find additional weapons. The rule of choice is added in by forcing you to choose when you wanted to do certain things. Remember, everything happens in real time. So, when you have the necessary materials to craft an item such as health, you have to make sure you are all clear because it is very easy to be attacked during healing yourself. Another way the Last of Us adds the role of choice is many items might need the same materials to craft. So for instance, you might need to choose whether or not you wanted to craft health or let’s say a molotov cocktail or a shiv or a bomb. What is more important to you?

The Last of Us, in my opinion, is a must have for all PS3 owners and I will go further to say, hey, if you can get a PS3 and you don’t have one, this should be one of the first games, if not the first game you buy and play on your newly owned PS3. Naughty Dog has done just a phenomenal job with the Last of Us that I really hate calling it a video game because it has so much life, instead it is an adventure. Just know that owning and playing this game, you will NOT be disappointed!

Confident Gamers, we give Naughty Dog’s the Last of Us, EASILY, 10/10!

Side note, I did experience a game stopping glitch, which halted my progress. Yes it was frustrating mainly because I was enjoying my journey and wanted so badly to see how it would reluctantly conclude. But after an update, that glitch was fixed!