The Joys of Playing Minecraft on a Private Server

Crafting, mining, building and destroying. Just a few of the creative activities one can master on the popular game franchise known as Minecraft … and that is just the surface of what you can accomplish.

Few games have enjoyed the success of the Minecraft franchise. Launched in 2009, the game has experienced an incredible level of growth, spawning a series of toys and books and a movie and it’s available on just about every possible gaming platform. Even 6 years after release there are only a handful of games that are being played on a more regular basis than Minecraft.

A big part of the continued success of the series is the popularity it holds with younger gamers, with under 15’s making up almost a fifth of the user base. While this age group is a key demographic for Mojang (hence the toys), one area that is a concern for younger gamers is the online environment.

The co-op Minecraft experience is what really makes the game special, and playing online with friends is what keeps a lot of players coming back to the game. Unfortunately there are a lot of issues with player behaviour on the public servers, with griefing and other forms of online bullying spoiling the experience somewhat for younger players.

The solution is to set up your own private server, allowing you to enjoy a private game with your friends and avoiding (for the most part) any issues with other players destroying your builds or stealing your items.
It’s not particularly difficult to get your server up and running. There are various specialist hosting providers who run servers optimised specifically for the game, with companies like Apex Minecraft Hosting offering entry level servers for a few dollars a month. You simply choose your package, pick the modpacks you want and they’ll set you up. You simply connect to the private domain name you’re given and you’re good to go.

Alongside offering a private playing environment, running a private server is the perfect way of working on a group project with your friends. While you don’t need to go as far as building Middle Earth, there are some pretty fun group projects which people have made on their own servers.

One of the things that keeps Minecraft fresh is the huge range of modpacks available. There are thousands of them out there, from simple things like changes to how you manage your inventory to adding new blocks, animals and enemies. Using modpacks on your server removes the need for evevery player to have them installed, and with the various one-click installs out there mean it’s really easy to change up your Minecraft experience.
While it’s a fun and engrossing single player experience, the real magic in Minecraft is enjoying the game with your friends. Building and running your own private world allows you to enjoy the game on your terms, and is the perfect way to make the most of the game.

If you are a big fan of Minecraft we would love to know what how your experience has been and what you have been able to accomplish … alone or with some friends on a server. Send us some link of your most favorite Minecraft accomplishment.

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