The Health Benefits of Gaming [Guest Post]

People rarely connect gaming to health benefits – honestly, I don’t think I ever heard anyone talk about it. But as an avid gamer, I decided to do a bit of research and have found that our favorite hobby, or profession if you are lucky enough, can actually help our health!

Yes, I am serious. Gaming can significantly improve your mental abilities! While constant gaming might not be the best thing for your eyes, it does improve your hand to eye coordination.  It can also do wonders for your memory, attention and decision-making.  As far as developing your brain goes, gaming seems to have much more benefits than counter-effects, regardless of only the latter being presented in the media.

Still, don’t forget to eat well and move. Gaming can develop your brain only if you give it nutrients. I know that sometimes it is easy to forget about food when playing, but imagine how much you could improve if you ate well! Moving also helps to get your blood flowing. If you can’t find any other motivation, see it as a sacrifice to reach the best results possible!

If you are interested in how gaming can help with health, please check the infographic below, provided to us by Computer Planet.



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