The Elementia Chronicles Book Two Review

Wow! This Minecraft inspired trilogy has really got me hooked! Sean Fay Wolfe has demonstrated a great knock for storytelling and suspense building with the second installment of his series The Elementia Chronicles, The New Order.

Just as in the first book, The Quest for Justice, I was glued to the book from start to finish. Each chapter bringing great suspense, frustrations and excitement.


In this second book, The New Order,  we continue the story of Stan and all his friends and supporters as they carry out the good life after defeating King Kev and reclaiming the city of Elementia for all the lower level players every where. But as we learned at the end of book one, it is not all smooth sailing in their newly found victory party. Not everyone is happy with their victory and will submit so easily to a world where higher leveled and lower leveled plays live together peacefully. Enter the new rebel organization the Noctem Alliance, a faction set on destroying president Stan and tearing apart his happy community. With this new threat comes trials and test, combat, betrayal and pain like he could never imagine.

The Characters

Returning to this second book are all the main characters (outside the small few who did not make it to the end of the first story). With their brief moment of peace they experience before this new alliance emerges and disrupts their happy times, you get to see some of the characters grown and how different relationships were formed. During this installment of the series we get the chance to know some of the characters even deeper and see how the develop in their new roles. However as tensions start to build and confusion sets in because of the latest attacks on their peace, you start to see some of the ugly sides of your favorite characters as they bend under the pressure.

Thankfully we even get to know one of my favorite characters from the first book, Leonidas. When we first Leo we were tempted to hate him along with the rest of the RAT1 crew. But as time progressed we began to see that maybe, just maybe there was some hope for him as he began to show doubts for the things he was involved in and the messages his actions were sending. Now we are able to see what has happened to him since the end of King Kev and joining up with the Noctem Alliance. He is clearly struggling with where he should be and what he wants (and doesn’t want) to accomplish with his time on the Elementia server.

The Setting

This time the players primarily spend their adventures on the surface of Elementia only returner to the under nether world a few times throughout the story. We also get to return to some familiar places and talk to some friendly folks from the NLC Village. Another location added to the mix is the frozen Biome where the Noctem Alliance has set up their base out of site and untouched. Here they are able to move forward with their efforts to over throw Stan and his city without interruption.

The Ending …

The emotional roller coaster that you go on almost leaves you too drained to continue but you just can’t look away. You hope and long for a happy ending filed with hope but I was left more nervous and anguish than ever. It is very clear that this journey isn’t over yet ad our heroes find themselves in a very tough predicament that seems almost impossible to overcome. This new threat has an seemly powerful and elusive leader Lord Tendious who we don’t learn much about until the  very end of this book. And what we do learn it doesn’t look very good at all for Stan and his team. This book was definitely left in a way that leaves you absolutely needing to get the next book in the series to see just how the heroes manage to get out of this situation and bring back justice to their city.

The Elementia Chronicles Book Two is now available for purchase at the following online sources. If you haven’t guessed it by now I highly recommend you try pick up this series and go ahead and pre-order the last book before it is released next month.

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  • Great suspense
  • Depiction of the opposing forces was intense
  • Ending left you wanting more


  • What more conflict resolution for characters
  • While we dive deeper into some characters others are left hanging