Herobrine’s Message Review

This weekend I managed to complete the final installment of The Elementia Chronicles, Herobrine’s Message and I am so glad I stick around to the end.

The Elementia Chronicles is a fan based trilogy novel that is based on the life and challenges of the popular video game Minecraft. Written by a young entrepreneur Sean Fay Wolfe who just sixteen when he wrote the first book in this series, followed by the second book in the series when he was seventeen. He simply loves the Minecraft game and was inspired to create an action-adventure tale based on the endlessly creative world that Minecraft provides.

We recently shared our reviews of Book One The Quest for Justice and Book Two The New Order. This third installment, Herobrine’s Message, which we are taking a deeper look into today is by far the longest of novel in the series. Being almost double the size of book two, and tapping off at over 770 page book three is packed with an extensive action and answers all the questions and concerns that books one and two presented along the way.


First let’s take a look at the plot to Herobrine’s Message. In book two we were introduced to the next wave of threats to the Elementia server the Nocturnal Alliance led by the extremely powerful and feared Lord Tenebris. After the victory was won to save Elementia city from the tyrannant King Kev, Lord Tenebris appeared managing to rally the few remaining leaders of those loyal to King Kev and relocate them to the remote area of the snowy plains in order to orchestrate and launch several attacks on the newly formed peace city under Stan’s presidential ruling. The Nocturnal Alliance proved countless of times to be a forced to never take lightly using tactics and measures never even dreamed up in this war for dominance over the server. We wrapped up book two with Stan barely escaping imprisonment with the Nocturnal Alliance, alone and fending for his life to make it back to Elementia City to see what could be done to bring any restoration to his people.

Not only does Stan now face the challenge of discretely making his way across the server, he must also figure out how he could possibly rally enough troops to combat this enemy once and for all. After loosing so much lately he has to do what he can to make a rebound. Thankfully along the way he encounters and picks up more people and rekindles friendships with others that prove to be very useful along the way. Meanwhile back in the city the remaining governing body with the help of the people force is left to protect the people within the walls as well as recruit more to join their forces in the fight. The NA continues their attempts in taking down the well engineered wall that the Mechanic has created for the city. Decisions are made that further separate the remaining leaders by sending them on different necessary assignments that would result in aiding the larger cause to bring Stan home and restore balance. We follow several familiar characters, along with some unexpected allies throughout the story, watching as their paths eventually cross bringing everyone together to join forces in the final battle for not only Elementia City but essentially the entire game of Minecraft.


Of all the books in this series I believe you see the most character growth in book three then ever seen before. You get to watch relationships form, unfold and unit as each character has the opportunity to get more real and open as emotions and fears are at an all time high. We witness some that were previously seen as strong and put together buckle under the pressure and resort to coping mechanisms that result in lives lost. You also see a character exposed to challenges that bring them to the point of self reflection and revelation on how past behaviors were damaging to those around him. While you also see several characters that were previously seen as threats and damaging to the cause rise up and join the side of justice in their own unique ways, not only physically playing a part, but also doing an amazing job helping others emotionally develop into the leaders they were called to be.

We are also exposed to more truths about Lord Tenebris, his true origin and reason for causing such disorder on the server. Throughout Stan’s journey he does experience much grief and loss however Herobrine’s Message does bring along some new faces to the scene that play a huge role in the level of success that our hero’s can potentially achieve. One character, you will learn is called ‘The Black Hood’ plays a role in several points throughout the story that prove to aid Stan and his team. The relationship and connection that is eventually formed between Stan and The Black Hood is key to Stan’s knowledge about Lord Tenebris’ existence and demise.


Herobrine’s Message does a great job of returning us to many of the places that we were introduced to in books one and two. What is important to note is how the dynamic of the people and these familiar locations are viewed and used just how much they have evolved. Decisions are made that restore balance to some locations while completely destroying others. By far more damage is done to the entire Elementia server than ever before during this stage in the journey.

One new setting that is introduced brings Stan traveling to a new Minecraft server. An old and loved friends reaches out to you and teaches you how to freely and safely travel between servers in order to provide some much needed training to Stan as well provide him with extremely valuable intel that will prove to aid in success against Lord Tenebris.


In book three S.A.Wolfe was able to bring together different elements and people introduced in unique and unexpected ways. Without going into details our heroes together overcome their adversary. The people involved and where they originate from is what brought a fresh unique twist to the story. People you led into thinking one way about were shown to be the complete opposite, while other characters true identities are revealed that prove to be extremely shocking and alarming. Not only was there extreme loss to the landscapes and surrounding cities during this finale, the amount of lives lost is also extremely high. However in the end Stan is able to bring together the people and provide unique ways for everyone to come out of this era happy and understood.


As we conclude our look at The Elementia Chronicles trilogy we must share that this by far is one of the best series I have read in a long while. Because my children all love and can relate to the game Minecraft I know that they will each all enjoy reading this series for themselves once they are old enough. There are ideas and concepts that are introduced during the entire series that can be emotional and may cause more confusion and questions for smaller children but teens and tweens will find it to be a great experience. Being a Minecraft-fan adventure, it strongly helps having played the game before to really understand and appreciate much of the characters, enemies, locations and items that are discussed in the book. Can you enjoy and follow along without having played … yes of course, it just helps. It’s almost like someone describing just how much they enjoy a strawberry but sharing everything but the color or shape. You know the strawberry’s red color and triangular shape so when everything else is said you already have those visual stimulations in mind and there is no reason to have to add those. It’s like that.

How/Where to Buy

Now that we have shared about the final installment of the series, if you are interested in checking them out for yourself yo can always hop over to the main website to get details on each book. I do know it is available from several sources and in various forms. Here you can find out more about the author as well as opportunities to meet with him to discus his experience writing the series deeper. http://sfaywolfe.com