The Big Boys of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Ranking

Eight months have passed when Valve announced the Dota 2 Pro Circuit for The International 8 direct invites and the Dota 2 betting has gone interesting since then. After five majors and 12 minor tournaments, Virtus Pro and Team Liquid secured their slot for this year’s The International while the next six slots are still being contended. Now, there’s only three majors and one minor left. Before the start of another Dota 2 betting season as the Dota 2 Pro Circuit ends and TI8 direct invites are completed, let’s take a quick review of the current top 8 teams in the DPC ranking.

The Direct Invites

Virtus Pro

Sponsored by one of the biggest Dota 2 betting sites, Virtus Pro made an outstanding performance in the DPC. They grabbed the trophy of the first major which was the ESL One Hamburg 2017 in October which gave them 750 points for each player. After winning The Summit 8 minor, the team made a questionable move when they swapped their support ‘Lil’ with ‘RodjER’ from Natus Vincere. Despite that sudden action, VP still dominated another two majors which are ESL One Katowice and The Bucharest Major. It seems like their new player fits perfectly into VP’s style. These winnings helped them secure their place in The International. Virtus Pro has always been a safe bet on Dota 2 matches.

Team Liquid

The TI7 victors proved their worth by securing another seat in the TI8 next to Virtus Pro. They champed the first DPC tournament, StarLadder iLeague Season 3, in October. By November, they grabbed another minor victory in the AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT. Their first major participation was in DreamLeague Season 8 where they only won the second place. During this time, there was a close competition in the DPC ranking against Team Secret but Liquid managed to pull that off by placing second in ESL One Genting and winning the StarLadder Season 4 right after.

(Dota 2 betting pro tip: Since VP and Team Liquid already secured TI8 slots, they might not take their next tournaments seriously.)

The Confidents

Team Secret

The third team on the rank – Team Secret – so far, has gained 4710 DPC points, just 700 more than the next in line (PSG.LGD) but that doesn’t bother them as they already have a high chance of getting into TI. Puppey’s leadership has led their team into a good shape despite having a new blood carry player, Ace. He joined the team in October in time for StarLadder iLeague Invitational 3 where they placed 3rd-4th but after that, he showed quite impressive plays despite being a newcomer. Secret is still showing some instability in their performance but they still have enough time to straighten it up.


It took a couple of months for the Chinese team to have their current dota 2 roster finalized – Sea mew, Yao, and Victoria were released during the first months of DPC. In the first week of January, PSG.LGD acquired their latest recruit, xNova, a Malaysian support formerly playing for Warriors Gaming and played stand-in for the Clutch Gamers. PSG LGD did not show dominance in the DPC but their constant participation and placements in the tournaments secured them enough points to contest the top teams in the ranking. They just pulled off their biggest performance recently by dominating in the EPICENTER major. That victory gave them a massive amount of DPC points, just 700 away from Team Secret.


The SEA region is known to have the most inconsistent teams and performance in the Dota 2 competitive scene. SEA probably also has the most unpredictable teams to bet on Dota 2. However, Mineski is now working to prove that statement wrong. With a total of 3150 points, Mineski is currently the fifth team in the DPC leaderboard. The start of the season was not good for the team. They placed last in ESL One Genting, ESL One Katowice, as well as The Bucharest Major. They acquired very low points, then here comes DAC 2018. Mineski participated as one of the underdogs to bet on Dota 2 but the team made the surprisingly incredible performance. They dominated the event and stomped the strongest teams including Virtus Pro and Team Liquid. DAC is where they got most of their points but they are yet to participate in three more tournaments.

The Contenders

The International 8 has eight slots for the direct invites. Three dota teams have been announced so far and only five teams have higher chances to earn their TI 8 spot. There’s still five more seats up for grabs, or even more, if the top teams won’t keep their guards up.

Following Mineski on the list is Newbee. The Chinese team has only acquired 2220 points from Perfect World Masters and Captains Draft 4.0 where they won first place. Their performance during their latest two tournaments was underwhelming but then again it is not yet too late for them to improve. However, another Chinese team Vici Gaming is not very far behind in points (2160) and they could easily catch up to Newbee.

Newbee, Vici Gaming, and VG.J Thunder have close competition and they might not give Evil Geniuses and NaVi a chance to catch up. But everything will be figured out in the coming days as the Dota 2 Pro Circuit continues with 4 more tournaments – one minor, three majors. This also means more upcoming matches will be available on your preferred Dota 2 betting sites.

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