TERA Hits 2 Million Strong on Consoles

A great milestone has been reached by TERA and publishers En Masse Entertainment couldn’t be happier. TERA has hit 2 Million Players on consoles!

TERA is an action-MMO which launched on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last month. TERA is free to play game and offers its players a sense of customization of their characters across ten playable races.

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To celebrate this wonderful milestone, En Masse Entertainment has announced something special for PlayStation Plus members. Running from May 15th through June 22nd, PlayStation Plus members will have access to a unique TERA PS Plus Pack, via an exclusive promotion.

TERA PS Plus Pack features:

  • Shadowmare: A spectral horse mount that will help you traverse the world of TERA.
  • Blue Baseball Cap: This unique head accessory says, “you’re here to celebrate the summer in style!”
  • 15 Days of TERA Elite Status: Over two weeks of double XP, double gold from quests and monsters, fast travel, daily gift boxes, and more!

bluehat_screenshot shadowmere_screenshot

TERA has kept it’s player base happy with two major content updates to date. Ruinous Manor and Corsairs’ Stronghold is just the beginning with more content, free content, to come for summer.