Team 8 Brings Genetic Disaster to Steam

The cooperative gamescape just got a little wacky. Team 8’s Genetic Disaster releases on Friday, December 15th.

Genetic Disaster is the first game from independent developers Team 8. In Genetic Disaster, you play as one of the four cute characters: Sneaky, Panic, Devil or Bunker, as they fight against the nutty scientist in order to escape from the mansion. You can team up with three other friends and team up to beat the bosses and defeat their minions.

Genetic Disaster3

In this rogue-like, twin stick shooter where the word “cooperative” is used very loosely, know one thing, casualties and accidental friendly shootings are commonplace! Genetic Disaster is a ton of fun with friends and while you are worrying and enjoying blasting the enemies away, the bigger worry should be for that trigger happy friend that could potentially shoot that explosive barrel and wiping out the entire team!

You are able to play couch coop with friends, who might end up not being your friends afterwards, or online with strangers and not give a care.

Collect weapons, potions, share your life (or not) and upgrade your hero at each level to create your own style of play or to match that of your teammates. Therefore, cooperation constitutes the key element to victory, and at the same time very often will drive you to lose the game.


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Genetic Disaster feature:

  • Co-op local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • 4 charismatic characters, each with their own skills
  • Seamless and automatic gameplay balance adjustments depending on the number of players
  • Hand-painted characters and environments
  • Upgrade your hero throughout levels
  • PC and Game pad compatible controls

Genetic disaster will be available on Steam on December 15, 2017 for $19.99.


Source: PR