Rapture Rejects

Rapture Rejects is out FREE on Steam

November 29, 2018 0

Armageddon is here! Don’t get left behind! Rapture Rejects is now out on Steam, FREE, till December 3rd. As we reported earlier, Cyanide & Happiness has teamed up with tinyBuild to bring a new twist on … read more


Garage Invading the Nintendo Switch

May 1, 2018 0

Hordes of mutants are on the loose! Time to slain them all! Garage coming exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. In Garage from Zombie Dynamics, you play as Butch an ex-drug dealer and you have what … read more

Indie Game

Mr. Shifty Coming to Nintendo Switch

February 28, 2017 0

During the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase, tinyBUILD announced Mr. Shifty coming for the Switch with a pretty cool trailer. Mr. Shifty is a fast paced, top-down action game where you play as a secret agent … read more

Punch Club The Dark Fist TinyBuild Lazy Bear Games 1
Indie Game

New Expansion for Punch Club

March 8, 2016 0

If you are among the many many people that picked up and are enjoying Punch Club, then you will enjoy their latest expansion DARK FIST which goes live today for Steam. Punch Club The Dark … read more

Punch Club The Dark Fist TinyBuild Lazy Bear Games 1
Indie Game

Punch Club: The Dark Fist

February 23, 2016 0

If Punch Club wasn’t awesome enough already, Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild announced today that there is a free expansion coming to the steam and mobile version in just a few weeks. This expansion that … read more

punch club
Indie Game

Punch Club Review

January 22, 2016 0

It’s been a week and I am tired … so tired of punching and eating and working and punching some more but it is worth it when you are part of the Punch Club. Last … read more

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor Four-Nification Announced
Indie Game

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

January 15, 2016 0

At last we have come to the end of our Four-Nification journey with tinyBuild. Four games announced in just one week … we couldn’t take it any more. So they wrap Diaries of a Spaceport … read more

Lovely Planet Arcade tinyBuild
Indie Game

Lovely Planet Arcade Announced

January 14, 2016 0

In keeping with their promise tinyBuild has announced their third game in their week of Four-Nification … Lovely Planet Arcade. If you are family with the colorful first person shooter Lovely Planet, then you will enjoy this … read more

Road to Ballhalla announced
Indie Game

Road to Ballhalla

January 13, 2016 0

Second in the Four-Nification line up for this week comes a rhythm-driven puzzle platformer to marble at, Road to Ballhalla. Developed in Germany by Torched Hill studio, Road To Ballhalla was originally known under the working … read more

The Final Station
Indie Game

The Final Station by tinyBuild

January 12, 2016 0

The first of the Four-Nification games have been revealed. Introducing The Final Station: A post-apocalyptic survival game about riding the rails. The world is over. But it’s not quite over for you… at least, not yet. … read more

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