Super Smash Bros Pre E3 Direct

Tomorrow is the official begining of E3 2015 and Tuesday, June 16th is the day Nintendo has its E3 press conference Digital Event. However, Nintendo has a lot in store by having a Pre E3 showing. So let the fun begin starting with a Super Smash Bros. Direct.

Nintendo has definitely put much behind one of its flagship titles Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U. Even though some times has passed from its release back in October 2014 for the 3DS and November for the Wii U, Nintendo has really kept Super Smash Bros. fresh with content by continuing to update and add new challengers, stages, and costumes and ofcourse Amiibo support.

You can watch the full direct down below or check out the hightlight points.


Here are the highlight points:

  • NEW Challenger Roy (0:26) & Lucas (2:17)

  • NEW Mii Fighter Costumes (2:54)
    • Gunner – Megaman.EXE
    • Swordfighter – Megaman X – ZERO
    • Gunner – Animal Crossing – Isabelle
    • Gunner – Splatoon – Inkling Boy & Inkling Girl
    • Squid Hat
    • Brawler – Virtua Fighter – Jacky & Akira

  • New Splatoon Trophies (4:55)
  • New Mii Fighters Amiibo (5:14)
  • New Amiibo (5:42)
    • R.O.B.
    • Duck Hunt
    • Mr. Game & Watch
      • Comes with Different Poses
    • Falco

  • New Stages (6:35)
    • Dream Land – N64 Smash Bros.
      • Price: $1.99 each (Wii U/3DS)
      • Price: $2.99 (Both)
    • 2 Stages from the original Smash Bros. game.
    • MiiVerse Stage
      • Messages appear in the background of matches
      • Exclusive Miiverse Music
      • Price: FREE
  • New Tournies (8:40)
    • Coming in August
  • YouTube Replay Posting to YouTube (Wii U) (9:21)
  • NEW Challenger Ryu (9:51)
    • Uses Street Fighter moves
    • One Button or Full Move input for more damage
    • 2 Final Smashes
    • New Stage: Suzaku Castle
    • New Ryu & Ken Trophies

  • New Mii Fighter Costume: Heihachi from TEKKEN (16:35)
  • Ryu and Roy Amiibo confirmed in development (16:58)

So these were all the highlights. Not a bad for a Pre E3 Super Smash Bros. New Content, huh? So what new content are you most excited for coming to Super Smash Brothers?

Source: YouTube