Super Flappy Ultimate Edition

ThinkBox Studio – new indie game studio has just released their first arcade game previous weeks named ‘Super Flappy Ultimate Edition’. The gameplay is easy, tapping on the screen to flap and avoid any obstacle to remain survive get higher score to redeem new characters.

The mechanic is similar to ‘Flappy Bird’ but the content & graphic is another chapter. The game is pixel art or 18-bit. The character design is the most presenting part of the game. There are more than 50 characters for you to choose e.g. Corgi, Noodle cup, Batguin (Penguin who wish to be Batman) and etc. Apart from Characters, there are also ’Brag images’, the funny images which user could share over Facebook to make fun of a friend.

With first game launched, ThinkBox Founder Thunyut Chienpairoj said, ‘Super Flappy Ultimate Edition – is the first game to present our effort in art direction, and how we bring imagination to the game, who would have thought a Noodle cup and an Alpaca could flap so well. We have added a lot of little funny things to the game sound, words, images to make it pleasurable game. Super Flappy is only a start, we currently have few more original games in our dev pipe and we plan to launch our next game Monster Go! in Q4 of 2014’

Super Flappy Ultimate Edition is a Free-to-download mobile app available for both iOS and Android. For more information and Official Video trailers, please visit

Super Flappy Ultimate Edition is developed by ThinkBox Studio, a new indie game studio located in Bangkok, starts operating in 2013.

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