Super Flappy Ultimate Edition Review

We recently shared with you about the newly released game Super Flappy Ultimate Edition for both iOS and Android. Well I decided to go ahead and download the game and give it a try myself. And here are my thoughts.

Just released this July by ThinkBox Studio Super Flappy Ultimate Edition was inspired by the recent raging game Flappy Birds, but with a whole other level of flare. Super Flappy offers you a variety of other characters to die with over and over again. The selection of backgrounds that you are carried through also help make the game interesting and different from seeing the same things over and over as you die continuously. 

If you never played flappy birds than the controls (simple tapping on the screen) may take you by surprise. The first two times I played I nosed dived right into the floor not realizing just how tappy I had to be. And it would be an understatement to say that the tapping is super sensitive. I mean there are moments where if you didn’t tap fast enough you are nose diving and also when you think you tapped so slight and you go shooting up in the sky. It is a delicate balance that takes patience to learn. Once you get the hang of it though you will enjoy flying across the screen through the columns.

The character selection is pretty cool. As you flap through the course you will be collecting coins. The coins you gather can be used at the store to purchase additional characters. Most are worth 50 coins but there are some additional interesting characters worth more.

Some glitches I experienced that did make the game play a little buggy. Now I do have to say that I played the game on my iPhone 4S so that may contribute to my experience. If you are on an iPhone 5 or 5C you may have a better experience.

I had to restart my phone several times because the app kept crashing. If I made it to fly at least once as soon as it tried to load again it crashed. Finally I was able to play some rounds without it crashing. The next thing that I can’t seem to get around is the ads. I am used to and expect that in between rounds of a free game there would be some ads come up occasionally. However in this case they come up in the middle of the game totally covering the entire screen and the game still continues on behind it. Of course you end up face planting the next column and your game is over.

Based on our amazing game rating system we give Super Flappy Ultimate Edition a Rent It. Download it when you can, try it out and share your top score with your friends. I think you will enjoy it for a few days/weeks but the glitches may get to you.

So ahead, GET READY, try it and let us know what you think.