Sundered at PAX South 2017

If you are planning on being at PAX South 2017 at the end of this month, you might want to swing by the Thunder Lotus Games’ booth and check out Sundered.


Thunder Lotus Games were the great minds behind the visually stunning game Jotun. You can check out what we had to say when we got our hands on Jotun.

Sundered is described as “a horrifying fight for survival and sanity”. The game also follows along the same lines of Jotun with the use of very beautiful hand­drawn art. In Sundered, you play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever­changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors.

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Here are some of the features and details you can expect from Sundered:

• Beautiful hand­drawn art
• Massive boss fights
• Dynamic encounters against hordes of enemies
• Procedural world
• Corruptible abilities
• Multiple endings
• Action horror, replayable Metroidvania genre
• Single Player
• Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation®4 in 2017

Sundered is expected to released for the PlayStation 4 as well as for Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2017.


You can head over to Thunder Lotus Games for more information.