Stranded – Mars One

Similar to the plot of the upcoming fantasy movie “The Martian” with Matt Damon coming out this fall, we have news on a game about being exiled on the Red Planet: Stranded – Mars ONE to be released on the App Store soon.

German mobile games publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Spanish studios Tama Games and Mutant Games will bring the retro-styled arcade hit Stranded – Mars ONE to the App Store in The third quarter of 2015.

Stranded – Mars ONE is an innovative blend of autorunner and 2D platformer. Stranded – Mars ONE tells the story of a little astronaut desperately trying to find a way back home from Mars, where his spacecraft crash-landed during a recon mission. With only limited oxygen at his disposal and the components of his ship scattered all across the scenery, the courageous hero-in-exile has to run, dodge, jump and somersault every which way across the Red Planet in order to fill up his air supplies and repair his vessel. While Stranded’s oldschool pixel graphics and cute presentation might suggest a light-hearted casual gaming experience at first, its ambitious level designs and skill-based gameplay mechanics make it a tough nut to crack even for well-versed mid- to hardcore gamers.

“Set in the autorunner genre and jam-packed with addictive retro gaming charm, Stranded – Mars ONE has all the right ingredients of a real indie hit”, says Daniel Hericks, Publishing Producer at Deep Silver FISHLABS. “Besides a unique look and sound, it also features a particularly clever level design that is pretty exceptional for an autorunner and bears more than just a few surprises. If you’re eager to try something new in the autorunner genre, you have to give Stranded – Mars ONE a try.”

Stranded – Mars ONE is scheduled to be released on the App Store as a F2P game in Q3 of 2015. An Android version is planned too and will follow at a later point in time.