Steeleseries Arctis 3

Steeleseries Arctis 3 Review

We have been using our Steeleseries Arctis 3 gaming headsets for a long while and it’s great to say that our opinions has not changed. Basically, these gaming headsets are amazing!

Understand, we are not going to go deep into what came in the box, that you can go check out our unboxing which you can check out right here.

Also, a disclaimer, we are not an audiophile or audio technician specialist so we probably wont be dropping all the specs and tech jargon. You can check out all the specs and features over at the Steelseries site. But we will let you all know what we like and what sounded good to us. Because after all, as gamers, we all have had experience hearing someone over headsets that mic sounded awful or headsets that were just horrible to wear for more than 30 minutes at a time.

So straight off the bat, the Arctis 3’s one of those headsets that you could wear for hours on end without feeling any neck strain. They are light weight, very comfortable to wear around your neck as they have the lay flat cups and the “ski goggle” fabric lining ensures that the harder plastic will not be resting on your head directly.

We really like the way the headsets aren’t very bulky and with the retractable in cup mic, you could retract the mic, and just use the headset as a nice pair of stylist headsets and clearly not just a gaming headset with a mic sticking off of it.

The ear cups are the right size and depth, so even for a person like me with some decent size ears, my ears wasn’t touching the inside part of the cups.

The volume is controlled on the backside of the left cup and beside that is a mute button. Click in to talk, click out to mute. We do wish that the button was a tad bit more prominent.

The headset uses a 3.5mm jack which we have used in virtually every device with a 3.5mm jack successfully. That’s from pc to ps4 to xbox ones to nintendo switch to our iphones with a dongle. All the devices sounded great coming out of the headphones. Like we said these pair of gaming headsets is our go to at the moment. In the games we play, we hear the footsteps of other clearly and in those single player games we hear everything. The headsets do come with a longer split cable to use with your pc’s mic and headphone jack and we like the connection the Steeleseries has because it makes it sooooo easy to connect and disconnect the cable.

In a nutshell, the Steeleseries Arctis 3 is a well rounded, well valued gaming headset. Being able to use it across virtually any device with a 3.5mm jack is a major plus. Also, it’s stylish looks and retractable mic allows it to be used as a pair of headphones. For its price, the Steeleseries Arctis 3’s is a great buy!