Steel Circus

Steel Circus Teaser Trailer and Closed Alpha Sign Up

Teaser trailer for Steel Circus dropped today and well as Closed Alpha Sign Up.

 Steel Circus is a futuristic multiplayer hero sports game developed by the Grand Theft AutoMax PayneManhunt, and Dead Island veterans at Iron Mountain Interactive and published by global publisher Oasis Games.



The year is 2350, and in this future you play as one of five heros, or “champions”, in order to promote peace. Each champion has different skills and abilities and you must master them to be a great player.

“In Steel Circus, we will have multiple factions that belong to multiple planets. Each champion has a unique style of playing and abilities that represents their native factions. Champions differences will be completing each other in team-play.” – Cihan Ağagişi, the Senior Project Manager of Oasis Games

Steel Circus Champions
The sign-up page for Steel Circus is officially available now, and subscribers will receive updates regarding specific Alpha Test schedule and further game information.

Source: PR