Spy Week: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Everyone one of us have that game that the first time it was announced and we watched footage of the game and first time we learned about the premise of the game, we just totally disregard it. For me, that game was Splinter Cell. The original Splinter Cell was released on the original Xbox back in 2002 and I wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was just too slow paced and not enough action; the thoughts of sneaking around in the dark just weren’t fun at all.

My wife on the other hand, well, she actually found some interest in Splinter Cell and so wanted to play. I sat and watched her play a couple of times and soon I was giving my input and advice on how to get around an obstacle. I started feeling the nervousness as I watched her put Sam in a dark corner, made sure his light meter was all the way down, and a guard walked right by her. She would then make Sam grab and knock out the guard, pick him up and hide him in the dark corner. Wow, that was pretty cool!Then, it happened. One day I picked up the controller and thought to myself, hey why not, I’ll try this game. I was hooked! This slow paced game gave me so much excitement and soon after that, I was playing way more than my wife was. After that, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow came along and I found a new game collection! Adding the frosting to the cake, I found a new love, the Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer. This only multiplied my love of this game as me and my friend, partner in crime and wingman, rained torment on friends and other unsuspecting players.
SpiesVsMercsAfter this, I was looking for my Splinter Cell fix and each installment of the series hit the spot.We’ll I’m about to get my fix again! The next chapter in the Splinter Cell saga is being released on Tuesday, August 20th. The name of this entry is Blacklist. We have been waiting for this game since its announcement earlier this year. Blacklist takes the Splinter Cell formula and makes it better. It allows you to play in any style you like. If you want to go in like a Ghost, unseen, unheard, silent, then play that way and get rewarded. Or if you want to go in like a Panther, all guns blazing leaving nothing but death in your wake, then by all means load up and start blasting. 
splinter-cell-blacklist-fan-artBut enough on that. We’ll get into all that in our review after we get our hands on Splinter Cell: Blacklist. If you have been following us on Twitter and Facebook, you would know that we started this week and all the way up to the release of Blacklist our Spy Week. Each day we will talk about Splinter Cell past and present. Then on August 20th, we have some swag to give away. We gave a hint as to what the swag was. In fact, here’s a picture of the swag. Do you have any idea what it is?
20130816-231710.jpgSo, for your chance to get this swag here’s what you need to do:

  1. To qualify for entry, in the comments below let us know what are you looking forward to the most in Blacklist?

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SOURCE: XBOXWallpapers, Youtube