Spooky Games: Condemned: Criminal Origins

Do you like your games to scare the S$?t out of you? Then we have the ideal spooky game for you.

We continue to our month long Spookyfest with a look at the 2005 horror game Condemned: Criminal Origins.

How I got involved with Condemned

Ah yes, it’s been almost a decade now since I made the mistake of renting Condemned: Criminal Origins from Gamefly. Why did I do it…why? It wasn’t a bad game, I actually enjoyed it. I question myself until this day because of the creepy images from that game that still resonate in the brain. Basically, the game spooked the hell out of me. Condemned was a psychological horror game that was developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sega back in 2005. It was one of many games I rented from Gamefly that year, and it was a game that I was relieved to finally send back.


I had enough of playing with an escalated heart rate and palms sweating all over my Xbox360 controller. You see, this game focused primarily on melee combat, in first person, which meant you spent most of the game up close and personal with the creepiest looking humans, serial killers, things….ugh! I can’t go back there. Don’t make me go back there.


I remember the slow walks through the creepy buildings as you investigated a murder as FBI agent Ethan Thomas. Sure you could sprint…but you were too terrified to do so. Much of the game was played in limited to no lighting. I may have had my flashlight equipped the entire game. And as you know, one of the scariest elements in a game is being alone, in the dark, with a sole flashlight. Seeing these things run around corners and hide from you, the noises they made on the floors above you, the moment they finally came face to face with whatever melee weapon you were holding at the time…all made for one of the spookiest games I ever played. I wont even mention the final boss. Oh wait, I just did. But don’t worry, it stops there, I wont dare speak on how you had to pull metal from his body in order to weaken and eventually put him down (I think I’m going to be sick). Instead, let’s go back to these melee weapons. Thankfully, almost anything you could put your hands on could be used against the enemy including pipes, shovels, sledgehammers, axes, bloody paper cutters, and locker doors just to name a few. And trust me, you needed just about all of them. Guns? Yes, those were present as well, but most had limited ammo, and once the ammo was gone, you were relegated to using the butt of the gun as a melee weapon.


I mean…just look at that thing. Yes…that thing right above these very words that you are reading. What is that thing?! My nerves are getting bad again, this is where I exit stage left. Screw you Confident Gamers for making me go back here.

Oh by the way, I highly recommend this title.

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