You discovered yesterday how to find time to play and not upset the precious time you have with your love. But I also understand that the reality of it is, that system won’t work everytime. There will be times when playing in their presence just can’t be avoided and they have given you the free pass, thumbs up to play. What now? How do you play and respect the time and relationship.

While they did give you the go ahead to play, keep in mind they probably wanted this extra time to be spent really with you. So find a balance. If you aren’t a good judge of what that balance looks like then don’t try to guess, just ask them straight out. How much time, how many rounds, etc. And if it still isn’t clear watch the body language. You are sure to get the arm cross and deep sigh eventually. But I suggest you don’t wait that long.

A good measure is 50/50. You have extra 4 hours to balance, play for 2 and give them 2.

The key is that you make the move to stop playing before they ask you.

This post is part of a seven post series on the possibility of having true love while being a gamer.

Topic #1: Choosing When to Play