Being in a relationship is hard enough these days. We are so busy between work, school and families. So adding a full time hobby to the mix makes thing even 10 times harder. Now consider that your new love doesn’t like you gaming hobby, now you’ve really stuck between two rocks. How do you make it work without giving up your love … Either of them? Over the next 7 days my goal is to fill you with hope and some ideas on how to find that balance and keep both your romance and gaming life in tact. It is possible.

Step one: Chose your gaming time wisely.

If you are still just dating you should be able to manage this one easily. However for my married or cohabitation folks this may take some work. First start my know your loves schedule. When do they work, when are they free, when are they anticipating your attention. Most people have a pattern. Study them, get to know them, discover their pattern and work with it. This isn’t an attempt to be manipulating it just understanding the flow that already exists and make it work to your advantage. Soon you will be able to see windows and pockets of time that will allow you to play uninterrupted and then give them the attention they deserve.

Win win!

This post is part of a seven post series on the possibility of having true love while being a gamer.

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