Snail Bob 2 Review

Meet Bob! He’s a snail on a mission who needed my help and now he is my best friend and consumes all my time by enticing me to play Snail Bob 2 all day long.

Snail Bob 2 follows the continued exploits of a snail called Bob, who must solve a series of puzzles and problems to reach his goal on each level. Players flip switches, activate lasers and scare away monsters to help Bob stay alive. We have to guide Bob through 60 different levels of mind-bending, puzzling goodness.

Storyline/About the Game

When you start each of the different stages of Snail Bob 2 you will see they each have their unique storyline to them. Each have a different scenarios that lead you to guide Bob through unique stages and puzzles collecting stars and avoiding possible obstacles along the way.


Snail Bob 2 has a big focus on being kid and family-friendly, as parents and children can work together to solve the logic puzzles and suss out Bob‘s means for survival. The way you control Bob is simple and a great way for pre-schoolers to get familiar with using a mouse to point and click on objects on the screen. Bob moves on his own in what ever direction he is facing. However he is just a pleasant ball of obedience and not very self aware, meaning if you don’t tell him to stop he will walk right into danger. So using your mouse you can either click on Bob directly to stop him in his tracks and cause him to retreat into his shell. You can also use your mouse to click on Bob’s directional arrow on the bottom right of the screen. This changes the direction in which which he moves across the board. Other than that you can also point and click on various levels or buttons to cause a change within the stage to help Bob get to the exit. These basic controls will be all you need to solve the puzzles.


Now if the solving the riddle of getting Bob to the exit wasn’t fun enough they have also added some additional perks along the way to make the game more interesting. Hidden in each stage there are stars to collect. Collecting them will allow you to unlock special wardrobes for Bob to wear. Plus, there are some stages that have special jigsaw pieces hidden deep in the game, that can be pieced together to unlock more special stuff. And if you manage to collect all the stars in the game, you’ll unlock even more levels! You’re going to be unlocking a bunch of stuff, basically.



The graphics of Snail Bob 2 and very cartoon like, colorful and bright, perfect to catch the attention of your little ones form across the room. We had our 4 year old playing and solving puzzles because she watched me from on the couch, came across the room and wanted to join. This was a great way for her to get some more point and click practice in. Also the catchy tunes and beats that accompany Bob’s journey also add to the cuteness factor.


Now one thing that Snail Bob has against it is the desire to go back and replay stages. Honestly because they did design the game with children and family play time in mind the puzzles and finding the hidden stars and puzzle pieces around each stage are fairly easy once you see the typical arrears they are hidden. Pretty quickly you will be breezing through them and finding everything alone the way. So getting 100% of the game opened (at least what is available today) shouldn’t be too hard and unless you want to show someone there isn’t much draw to play through it again. But of course if you missed a start along the way you certainly can find yourself going back for that hidden treasure. Oh, and if you’re the sort of person who likes to know how many levels there are, we’re talking over 100 levels spread across three worlds, with more content on the way post-launch.

If you are ready to start helping Bob find his way around then you can pick up Snail Bob 2 now on iOS or Steam.