Smite XBox One … So it Begins!

SMITE for Xbox One has entered the closed beta testing phase and players are diving in a loving it.

Hi-Rez Studios today announced that its action MOBA game SMITE, the online Battleground of the Gods, has entered its closed beta testing phase on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system for Microsoft. As SMITE readies for a full launch later this year, players who have taken part in the alpha phase or have been selected for closed beta will be treated to a host of new updates, features, content and Xbox One exclusives that deliver a complete experience competitively designed for console play.

Hi-Rez Studios is also offering PC players a one-time account merge option to copy select progress and items from their SMITE PC accounts to their Xbox One accounts. Players who choose to link their accounts will receive a free Zeus Xbox skin for both platforms.

Players can still sign up for SMITE closed beta access on Xbox One at SMITE is scheduled to officially launch on Xbox One later this year. And as an extra bonus players can also now purchase the Xbox One Founder’s Pack for instant beta access, as well as all current and future Gods and other in-game content.

source: hi-rez studios press release