Slam Land Review

What makes a good couch party game?

Easy to pick up and play, funky characters, different games to keep things fresh, interesting stages, and of course, most of all it needs to be FUN! Bread Machine Games has done just that in their highly entertaining party game Slam Land.

Slam Land allows up to four friends to get together and slam dunk their way to victory. That’s right, the only way to win is to slam dunk either your friends, or some garbage, peanuts or horse heads.

In Slam Land, you can play as one of five characters, Human, a human in some tighty-whites, Toober, which looks like a carrot or tuber of some sort, Moldy Dog, a moldy dog, Skelly, a skeleton, and Spoder, the spider. Each of which has some very interesting skins to choose from.

Controls are simple and easy to explain. You can jump, you can grab, and most of all you SLAM! You can also kick or hit someone away from you to either prevent them from grabbing you or to knock away an item. Once you get a hang of these basic controls, then you can start getting fancy by knocking or kicking someone into the air, then grabbing them and dunking them from a distance with the aid of a directional arrow.

In Slam Land, you can enjoy slamming and dunking your friends in one of five slam modes: Slam Tour, Quick Slam, Peanut, H.O.R.S.E., or Trash. Each mode allows you to either adjust the number of rounds, the length of time, or the number of computer A.I. players, if you don’t have any friends to play with.

In Slam Tour, you get a sample platter of all the game types and is a great place to start. Quick Slam is ALL about dunking and slamming your friends for points. If you are good enough, you can even grab you friend that’s grabbing your other friend or friends and slam them all for some serious style and bonus points! Peanut is like “hot potato”, except the longer the hold on to the peanut, the more points you can get, IF you manage to slam it home. In H.O.R.S.E., be the first to spell out the word “HORSE” by grabbing the randomly appearing letters and dunking them. Finally, there is Trash where garbage starts falling from the sky and you must clear it up by grabbing the garbage bags and dunking them. Best part of all, you can grab stacks of the bags to score more points, but the more bags you have, the slower you become.

Slam Land is fast paced and frantic! The different stages range from simple flat platforms to jumping from hand to hand of a giant blue man and trying to dunk and slam into his mind’s eye. The music is upbeat and the sound of when you Slam a friend is so rewarding, even better when you get a combo dunk! It’s the best!

Bread Machine Games has developed a party game that everyone can and most likely will enjoy.

Slam Land is set to release on August 7th for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac.


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