Sky Pets Falling … create and splat

Create a pet, mold it to your liking and then do your best to make sure it survives the never ending fall from the sky in Sky Pets Falling.

Sky Pets is a high-flying action arcade game that tasks you with making sure your pets don’t go splat. Tilt your phone to dive your adorable pets through hazardous skies to save the stars that fell from space. Each level tasks you to safely glide your pet during their descent whizzing past broken earth, angry weather, and crazy airplanes as you collect coins and diamonds.


Create your own pet in the Sky Pet Maker. Players get to choose from over 100 parts to mix and match to make their cute, weird, cool, original pet. Customize everything from ears to tails with 10 categories to choose from. You can also fine tune each part by moving, scaling, and rotating to create your best pet.


Sky Pets was inspired by creators Shandiin and Ryan’s three cats, who became so ingrained in the development process they received official titles as Boss Cats. Taking in the perspective of pets, the game has been infused with cuteness and fun.

You can follow the progress of the game and confirm when it will be ready for download on their website The game will be made available for both iOS and Android. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.