End of the Mine on Kickstarter

Looking for the next best platformer … End of the Mine may be that game … but it is up to you to make it happen by backing them on Kickstarter today.

End of the Mine is an action adventure platformer. Take on the role as a miner on a distant planet excavating for valuable resources. After a night hanging out with your fellow miners you fall asleep after having one too many drinks. When you wake up you find that all of your miner friends are gone and the mining town is completely empty! With your faithful companion you track the missing miners to a cave and become trapped. Now you must fight your way through the mine searching for your lost companions only to find the cave has been over run with monsters. Fight your way through to escape the End of the Mine!

End of the Mine Kickstarter

Game Features:

  • Enemies: are unique and an exciting part of the game. You will have to battle through, finding each weak spot they have. Watch out for what’s around the corner you never know what you might find.
  • Gameplay: From start to finish you will be entertained with the complexity of this 2-D side-scroller. Levels are challenging and always hiding something that can be found to help the miner escape with his life. If you’re not running for your life you will be able to collect the materials you need to upgrade your weapons and reach the End of the Mine.
  • Miners: These guys are a lot of fun. The miners travel planet to planet gathering resources for their home world. Miners are in their protective suits 24/7 to protect themselves from the radioactive nature of their mining tools so they have to get creative with how they recognize each other. You may find some creative suits on your way through the mine.
  • Will be Available on PC/Mac and Controller Enabled!

Check out their Kickstarter campaign now to see the various ways you can contribute to the game and the perks you make get for it.