Simple yet perfect That Rock Paper Scissors Game

It is not often that you find a gem of a game that people of all ages can pick up, learn quick and enjoy but That Rock Paper Scissors Game pulls this off flawlessly. We were honored to meet with the creator and developer of the game at Super Smash Con.

Before speaking with Tony Powell the creative mind behind That Rock Paper Scissors Game, we spent some time observing the various people that stopped by the booth to play a few rounds of the game. It was an interesting experience as we witness men, women, young and old all picking up the game, learning the mechanics in just moments and then have a great time competing with their family and friends. It was a quick easy way for them to have loads of fun and I can see this game easily being a huge success once it launches.


That Rock Paper Scissors Game is a simple game that takes the core mechanics of the classic Rock, Paper & Scissors and brings it into a new space for single and multi-player gaming! The goal of the game is to collide with your prey while avoiding collision with your predator (Rock must collide with Scissor but avoid Paper and so forth). The player with the most points by the end of the match wins. Pretty easy.

Here is our interview with Tony as he shares about the game and the plans for the future release.

The game is also currently being voted to be GreenLit on Steam. Please check it out on Steam today and give your vote.