Shotgun Farmers Steam Early Access Launches

The farm is a pretty deadly place. Don’t buy your guns and ammo, just grow them. Let Shotgun Farmers show you how.

Shotgun Farmers brings an interesting enough twist to the first person shooter arena. Developed by Megastorm Games, a one man independent studio, Shotgun Farmers is an online multiplayer shooter which supports up to 12 players. In the game, there is no reloading and the only ways to get more ammo is to fire a shoot into the ground and letting it grow into a new weapon. Another thing you can do is just steal the plants/guns already planted by your opponents. So, make sure you don’t miss your target or else your target could turn around, harvest your missed crop and get you with it.

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In Shotgun Farmers, there are a total of 4 different vegetable weapons: Carrocket Launcher, Pea-Stol, The Shotgun, and Sniperagus Rifle. Along side those you have your Trusty Shovel. These might seem like a scarce offering, but have no fear, more are being devolved for the full release.

Shotgun Farmers will also offer up player customization. You’ll be able to customize skin tones, outfits and facial hair as well as hats. You know all the important stuff. It will also feature 4 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Oddball, Free For All and King of the Hill with maps the Countryside, Riverside or the Westside. Other features include customizable room options and password protected games.

The game will retail for $9.99 and be available for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms. At the moment, Shotgun Farmers is having a 6 months early access time period. If you want to check out the developer of Shotgun Farmers, Wase Qazi , you will be able to tune in to the live streams on twitch via the channel.

Be sure to check out Shotgun Farmers on the game’s Steam Store Page.


Source: PR