Shaking our Tail with Personal 4 Dancing All Night

Out now for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a great chance for you to get your rhythm reflects in check.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a story-driven music game that takes place after the events in Persona 4. You will follow the main characters along with a few special idol guest through a story of identity and the desire for deeper and more meaning relationships with those around you.


In Persona 4: Dancing All night, players are pulled onto the Midnight Stage when the spotlight turns to mega-idol Rise and her junior group of amateur dancers, you guest it, the remaining team of Persona. This is to be her big come back performance. She is preparing for the big “Love Meets Bonds festival”, that is happening in just a week. Performing along with her in the show is a new rising group, Kanamin Kitchen. Members of Kanamin Kitchen have disappeared and it’s up to the Investigation Team to mount a rescue mission – only they discover the same monstrous Shadows from the Midnight Channel. To make matters even worse, their Persona abilities are rendered ineffective, and the Shadows in P4D can only be defeated by dance, so bust out powerful dance moves to save the day!

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There are two modes in which you can play Persona 4 Dancing All Night, free mode or Story Mode. If you don’t feel like getting the full story behind the characters and what is going on, Free Mode. Right out of the box you have about 4 songs you can play with. As you clear those songs you will begin to unlock even more songs. Now there are some songs are only unlockable once you completely finish the Story Mode, but you still have loads of fun to have with the songs you can unlock. Free mode is good for those itching to start dancing right away. I did notice that you cannot play any song as any character because some are only available to specific characters. But changing what they are wearing or who their dancing partner is is customizable.

If you like a good story the probably Story Mode is right for you. You will get a good 20 hours worth of gameplay, under your belt if you play like me and actually read through the story without skipping any of the dialogue. You’ll start the game off playing as Yu and see things from his point of view. As you progress further, dances will be thrown at you to clear in order to continue. In total, there are roughly 30 tracks total in Story Mode to clear. By finishing Story Mode, you will unlock some new tracks and items!In both Free and Story modes you will be awarded some good P$ based on your performance. Of course in Free Mode you have a better chance of piling on the money because you aren’t held up waiting for the story to progress. So be sure to play rounds in Free Mode, since you will need the P$ you win to buy some cool items from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities!

Now I will share that there are some other secret modes that are available to unlock as you continue to tackle both free and story mode combined … maybe we can share more on those modes at a later time.

The button configuration for the dancing challenges is pretty straight forward. You can see with the image below you are using just the Up, Left and Down cross pad directions or the Triangle, Circle and X buttons to hit the beats. You will have a star indicator come from the center of the screen to indicate what your upcoming beat will be. It is up to you to hit it just at the right time and pace to keep up those ‘perfect’ marks. Sounds easy but you will also quickly learn about combo beats and holding beats and it can start to get pretty intense depending on the level you have your game set.

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Now your goal is to keep the audience happy with your performance. Once you start slacking on your ability to hit the right moves on the right beats effects how the audience is enjoying your talents. Once your level of awesomeness drops beyond a certain level your performance will end and the audience will boo you right off.


This anime stays true to the tone and tempo that most anime game style have. Each character is very unique and such a living and tangible dynamic to them. You really get to connect with the characters because they are all drawn and designed so different from one other.

Kanamin (18)

And of course you can’t really talk about Persona 4 Dancing All Night without addressing the music. The music tracks and selection for Persona 4 certainly shows some character and is clearly thought through. The different dance challenges during the story mode are all so fun and the lyrics are really true to the story behind the game. Well chosen and written.


While the story mode is probably good for one good play through you are probably going to have the most fun and enjoyment of this game in the Free Mode. Here you will get straight the dancing and can continue to play through all the characters you unlock and aim for higher and better scores each time. Because there is so much to unlock and enjoy you will certainly have several hours of game play to accomplish.


Title: Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Publisher: ATLUS
Genre: Story-driven Music; Rhythm
Platform: PS Vita/PS TV
Release Date: Sept. 29, 2015
Price: $49.99/CA$59.99
Players: 1 (online leaderboards)
DLC: Yes

Source/Disclaimer: we were provided a copy of this game in order to provide insight and feedback for this review. The information provided in this review is based on our own experience and details from the Atlus Press Release. Photo credits: Atlus and

Shaking our Tail with Personal 4 Dancing All Night












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