Secret Files Sam Peters Review

An exciting Journey to the Heart of Africa: Secret Files Sam Peters available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

This game starts off with a rather hilarious plot. A young blonde who makes silly and unrealistic comments is some kind of undercover investigator. It is a puzzle game with a storyline following the investigator through various investigations. As you play and solve puzzles, you unlock further area of the map and continue.

The puzzles:

Some are your typical number puzzles or “put this ripped up picture back together” type of puzzles. While others force you to really think, which is good if you like a challenge. However, they don’t always make sense, even after you figure them out. Why did I have to melt lemonade over a fire to put it on a stick to collect ants? Things like that. It just seemed like a random filler task.

The story:

Although I found the main character kind of annoying, the cases we were investigating were intriguing. I really wanted to find out who the red-eyed tribal men in the trees were.


On my third investigation, I hit a glitch in the game that pretty much ended the game for me. I unlocked the next level on the map, but was never able to enter it. My character just kept walking in place. Had the game kept working, I probably would have kept playing. The red-eyed people shall remain a mystery.

Until then we hope you have better glitch free luck. Here are some of the key features of the game to look forward to.

  • The latest spin-off of the best-selling Secret Files saga finally on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • An “interactive novella” for a slim budget price
  • Scientific facts meet African mythology
  • Play as Sam Peters, known from Secret Files 2: Purtas Cordis
  • Lots of exotic locations with animated, carefully designed backgrounds
  • A classic point and click adventure with tons of demanding quests, riddles and puzzles
  • High-quality visuals with amazing attention to detail
  • Full voice acting by popular dubbing actors known from TV and cinema (plus sub titles)
  • Spot-on touch controls and mobile-optimized UI
  • Full access to all content and features – No unlockable episodes via IAP

Secret Files Sam Peters requires iOS 7 (or higher) and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The title is available for download on the App Store via

disclosure: a copy of the game was provided to us in order to conduct this review.