Sad News for Gamevice and Fortnite Mobile

Folks, we ask that you take a seat because we have some very sad news. Gamevice, while noting that they were hard at work at making their Gamevice Mobile Controller to work with the newly released Fortnite Mobile, has just informed us via a blog that sadly, it’s not meant to be.

Full disclosure, we have unboxed and reviewed various controllers provided by Gamevice in the past. You can check those out right here. That being said, on to the major disappointment.

So, from the first moment we heard about Fortnite coming to mobile, our excitement soared! We have played it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as on PC. So it was a given that once it came to Fortnite Mobile, we were going to be playing it. Immediately with that announcement something popped into our heads. Oh my goodness, imagine if we could play Fortnite Mobile with our Gamevice? How freaking epic that would be?! Our excitement was again ignited, when Fortnite themselves stated that controller support was coming for Fortnite.


Well, we have some pretty saddening news. Looks like the Gamevice Mobile Controller, as of now, will not be compatible with Fortnite and it’s all in the game developers hands. The news broke yesterday via a Gamevice Blog. In the blog, Gamevice explained that, “Unfortunately, due to the way controller support works on iOS and Android, there is nothing we can do to add compatibility to Fortnite.” The blog goes on to explain that if there were any changes to be made which would allow for controller support, then the developers would need to be the ones to do it and there was no way for Gamevice to be able to “hack” or program into their controllers to make it possible to play with Fortnite.

Another aspect was brought up, which we found quite interesting and that was about advantage. Now, anyone in the gaming world knows that when it come to certain types of games, in this case shooters, then mouse and keyboard rules all. The pin point accuracy of a mouse cursor is far superior to that of the reticle of a controller. The same mindset could be applied when it comes to mobile shooters versus consoles or even added to the mix PC mouse and keyboard. The argument seems to be that the Fortnite Mobile players would be at quite a disadvantage if placed in bucket of players consisting of console and PC players. Which on the surface make a lot of sense. Fair is fair. One of the proposed solutions would be just to keep the mobile players in their own bucket. Still it all comes down to the devs implementing controller support.

If there was a tiny bit of a ray of hope and sunshine, it is that the Fortnite Mobile developers has not ruled out completely the addition of controller support. In a Twitter post, Nick Chester, PR on Fortnite Mobile, stated that while the support will not be at launch, they plan to “support such controllers”. So that’s something.

Man, we were so ready to use our Gamevice controller on Fortnite Mobile much much sooner.