Run and Fire for Free

Run and Fire, a Russian adaptation of Korean-made free-to-play MMOFPS Peta City, is now available to more than 100,000,000 users on Steam.

Run and Fire pictures how would it be for those who survive the end of the world to fight for their lives on debris left in aftermath of a series of global calamities. A player has three classes of characters to pick from: assault, raider or sniper. Every class boasts its unique perks so that simply by switching between field assignments right on respawning spot users can modify the whole experience. 10 game modes (special speed mode and co-op mode including) with 20 different locations also give gamers a lot of opportunities to do so.

The game appeared on the world’s largest digital distribution platform after gaining an approval from Steam Greenlight community.

“The more people there are to play with, the more the fun you get. That is simply the way all MMO games are hardwired. But it’s even more so for online shooters, which whole appeal lies in thrilling sense of facing a real breathing opponent. This fact alone justifies our efforts invested in bringing Run and Fire to Steam: the hot spots are getting hotter, the competition in tournaments and rankings is at its most heated!” states NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko.

To celebrate the game’s release on Steam in the way Run and Fire fans find most appropriate, official Russian community organized a duel tournament with some tasty in-game prizes at stake (in Russian).

Here is a game play video (in Russian)

source: Nikita Online press release