Review of Gathering Sky on Steam

After a much intense and enjoyable time of playing here is our review of the long awaited Steam release of Gathering Sky.

To give you a brief update as to what Gathering Sky is about, you start off as a single bird, and go about the various stages on a mission to find and gather as many of your bird friends as you can. This is more than simply a side scrolling game, you also experience meeting with the various unspoken challenges the environments have to offer from angry eagles to fierce rainstorms all the while trying to keep your flock together.


Gathering Sky is in a unique class that is fundamentally similar to games like Journey and Flower, that don’t express a solid storyline, but heavily relies on the graphics, music, and the player to create a mosaic of a story that is based on the interpretation of the player. Though this game doesn’t have an outright storyline, its still pretty fun for the player to use their imagination though this journey that the bird takes them on. You will encounter areas that have sometimes clear objectives on what to do to progress the game along, while other areas will take some additional trial and error to discover what needs to be done which makes it just that more fun and puzzling to play through.

gathering sky 3_Fields


The turn around time to learning how to use the controls is very quick, as this is a pretty simple game that any and all ages would get some enjoyment from. You simply use the mouse to point the birds in the direction that you want them to go, while avoiding obstacles and solving simply puzzles. The environments which you play in are very unique as well because there isn’t just one path that is outlaid for you but many different ways to get to the end of the stage. You can rush through by gliding on airstreams, or take a leisurely stroll throughout the level.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics were very simple, yet very beautiful. Much of the scenery had really interesting watercolors that made the gameplay interesting as though you were staring at a painting. The sound was by far my most favorite part of this game, because the entire soundtrack was conducted by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music which goes very well with the overall feel of the game. There are no words spoken throughout the game the game, so where it lacks in dialogue it makes up for one hundred fold in music and pleasant sounds.

gathering sky 4_Mountains1

Replay Value:

For me personally, I don’t see a very high replay value in this game, unless I was incredible stressed and wanted to collect birds and listen to some sweet orchestra music. Though it is an incredibly fun game with a run time of about 40 minuets, so if one wanted to replay it, it wouldn’t take very long.

disclosure: This review was provided by Christopher Kennedy, a long time gamer and friend of Confident Gamers. We were provide a copy of the game and another was purchased for the purpose of this review. This review was provided after playing Gathering Sky downloaded from Steam on a MACBook Pro.