Rebel? Or Classical Gamer? Diagnosis Needed!

I’m not sold. The addiction has not yet subdued me. Is it because I’m a rebel? Is it because I often prefer to go against the grain? Is it because I really don’t have that much “free” time in my life to begin with? Before I continue, I guess now is a good time to reveal that what I’m referring to here is the phenomenon of cell phone gaming, a place where millions of “casual gamers” reside. Even that whole “casual vs. hardcore” gamer commentary is getting outplayed, but that’s another post for another day. As I remain focused here, this post is mainly being recorded as a plea to the reader to help diagnose what’s wrong with the author. Something is almost certainly wrong with this guy considering this post is being written by someone who has yet to sling a single bird toward a pig, someone who has yet to slice one piece of fruit with a sword, someone who has yet to spell one word with a friend, and someone who has only crushed candies and ran temples for 2 hours lifetime before putting it down for good. Why is this? I mean, I fully understand why cell phone gaming is so popular, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the smartphone stays attached to the hip of millions of Americans, always present wherever you go, readily accessible. That’s normal and I’m no different as I type this post with my Samsung Galaxy 4 currently attached. However, what I need to know is, for me, when it is time to embark on the “I have some time to kill mobile gaming” journey, why is it that I prefer to reach into my pocket for my Nintendo 3DS as opposed to my hip for my smartphone? That my friends is a sincere question, one that I’m not quite sure you’ll be able to answer, but one that I would love to get thoughts on as I have yet to be as completely engrossed into these cell phone games like most of the people I know and/or come in contact with daily.

Case and point, recently I was getting my car serviced at the Toyota dealership. I was one of four adults gaming in the waiting area, however I was the only one with a dedicated handheld. Are the times passing me by? Am I simply just a “hardcore” gamer? Is this a sign that dedicated handhelds such as the DS family and Vita are in trouble of being overtaken by smartphones combined with the overwhelming “casual” gamer disparity? Does my gaming background have anything to do with this? Am I simply just a classical gamer who prefers the “B-A Button Combo” over the “Left-Right Finger Swipe?” Help me out here!

– JayDubb