Rainbow Six Siege Infographic

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege team released the infographic for the Rainbow Six closed beta held last month and it’s very much fun to read.

It’s always exciting to see, once the data is pulled, some amazing and interesting stats that show up. Some, as the player, you can pretty much see the more the play. Like for instance, you just knew that kills with the shield operators would be high. I will take the high road and not verge into a rant of how cheap that those characters are, because they were created to be a part of the game and as skilled players, we would need to add tactics as a team to both use and defeat such characters. Or that in terrorists hunt, those freaking bombers claimed many lives of operators.

All in all, infographics are very cool and this Rainbow Six closed beta infographic is definitely worth a reading.

Source: Rainbow Six Ubisoft
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