Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Begins

Today starts the first day of that the Rainbow Six Siege Beta Begins. So it’s time to suit up and get those team tactics polished.

Rainbow Six: Siege was on track for the release date of October 13th, but then delayed to December 1st for better and fine tuning development. No complaints here.

One thing that has stayed the course has been the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta which starts today!

The closed beta is expected to run from September 24th thru till  September 28th and will be for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and on PC. There were different ways of being apart of the closed beta. You could have gone directly to the Rainbow Six site and be added to a waiting list, gain a guaranteed spot by pre-ordering teh game, or at certain events received a beta key.


You can check out the Closed Beta Trailer below to see what’s in store for you in the beta. Also, Ubisoft has put out a Closed Beta Game Guide to give you some added info. What we do know is that for the beta, expect to have access to 14 operators, three maps, and three modes.


So, were you able to get into the Rainbow Six Closed Beta? No! Would you want to?

Then in the comments below just leave us the comment, “REPORTING FOR DUTY!” We just so happen to have four keys ready to go! We’ll pick four random winners and send them the keys so they’ll be able to experience the closed beta this weekend.

Good Luck.


Source: Rainbow6, Youtube
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